Wheel talk on PHOENIX. V2 Straps

Yesterday we got a package from Japan, containing our Phoenix Straps, and pedals. The attention to detail in not only the packaging, but the product its self, blew me away. The red holographic Phoenix logo on the box that holds the straps is just one of the many fine touches that Kengo incorporated.

The Phoenix pedals are designed to better fit your straps, and have a way sleeker look compared to the Odyssey Twisted PC's.

The new V2 straps are hands down, the most comfy foot retention system, I've ever run. Its three layers of velcro help provide the straps with enough padding, so they don't hurt your feet pulling up. Probably the most important difference between these and Hold Fasts, is  they don't have that stupid buckle in the middle of them, that just eat away at your shoes and foot.

You can get your pedals and straps at the Phoenix Online Store. And be sure to check out their Embroidered, that right embroidered tee shirts. Like I said attention to detail.

- By Matt Reyes of Slumworm -

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