Felix Dol New Pharaoh bike Build with PHOENIX. FORK

GEOMETRICKのリーダーであるFelix Dolの新しい26インチのバイクです。

Frame: Leader Pharaoh Prototype
Fork: Phoenix Prototype
Stem: Demolition Keystone
Bar: Sadio 420 Bar
Grips: Animal
Seatpost: Sadio
Seat: Sadio Fatboy
Crank: Demolition 165mm
Sprocket: Sadio Molar 30T
Pedal: Phoenix
Straps: Phoenix V1
Wheels: Profile Hubs X P35 Rims X Tioga 2.1 Tires
Cog: Sadio 12T

Felix :
I'm really glad to test the Phoenix fork too which is really nice, 
the lightest one I know, got a nice peg clearance too and it gives a big barspin clearance for sure. I like the cross details also.I just tested for the first time the Phoenix V1 Straps and I love them, they're bigger and more comfortable.

-xxx GEOMETRICK xxx-

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