Gravecat Racing In Italy !!

Punk Tiger Bicycle Club and Marker Shop to create a new event dedicated to fixed gear to remember that we are now in the fall! Saturday, September 24 there will be a "Claretta" with prizes for the winners with meeting starting at 14 and within the walls Avenue B. D'Alviano (n11 after climbing the walls) in Treviso! The competition is open to all types of bikes, fixed gear, bmx, tandems and tricycles .. at the end of the day from around 17.30 aperitif, beer, gold sprints, music and prizes to the "Orc Burrow" in Via Canova 33 in Treviso! Write down the date, bring a helmet, lock and map and ride through the streets of Treviso! 

-By Alessandro of Calle Marconi

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