Some PHOENIX. 5inch 2pc Bar pics for first look (but still sample)

Hey There,

I'm really glad to inform that I was able to start a new step for PHOENIX.

And finally arrived the new phoenix. hard goods of "5inch 2pc bar"

Here is the bar spec : 
PHOENIX. 5inch 2pc bar.(sample) Rise : 5inch (127mm) 
Backsweep : 11.5° 
Upsweep : 4.5° 
Width : 740mm 
Weight : 650g 
7butted and light weight 
Slim middle bar

Test riders are below : 
Matt Reyes (Wheel Talk) 
Matt Spencer(PHOENIX.) 
Hiro Nakajima(PHOENIX.) 
Shinya Yamamoto(PHOENIX.) 
Tsukasa Ozaki(PHOENIX.) 

I will produce the bar after the testing with Test Riders around 2~3month later.

hope you guys like it.


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